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Ep. 01 - The Renaissance Faire

Kick It with J-BEV as he embarks on a world of kings, wizards, jousting, and women with provocative clothing at the Renaissance Faire!

Ep. 02 - Polo

Watch what happens when J-BEV attempts to play this stereotypically rich and Caucasian sport.

Ep. 03 - Shotgunning A Beer

Learn the Caucasian Art of Shotgunning A Beer!

Ep. 04 - Spray Tanning

Can black people get tan? Find out in this episode!

Ep. 05 - Skeet Shooting

Watch J-BEV SKEET, SKEET, SKEET all over clay pigeons!

Ep. 06 - Skiing

CAUTION! A BIG black man, with a ski mask on, is about to hit the slopes! "Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife"!

Ep. 07 - Surfing

J-BEV takes a trip to the Pacific Ocean for a surfing lesson...But there's only ONE problem...He CAN'T SWIM!

Ep. 08 - Sky Diving

J-BEV experiences one of the most extreme Caucasian stereotypes...Sky Diving! Follow him as he insanely jumps out of a perfectly good airplane!

Ep. 09 - Mud Run

Find out why white people like to crawl in the mud and run through obstacles! #DownAndDirty

Ep. 10 - Fencing

J-BEV gets into some "Swords Play" with his Caucasian colleague!

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