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Kickin It Caucasian is an unscripted, adventurous, comedic and reality show that grabs cultural stereotypes by their horns and throws them into an ethnic melting pot of fun. This show will take people, who are Non-Caucasian, out of their normal elements and place them in to a slew of Caucasian activity. With this brilliant fish out of water approach we will see the Caucasian culture from the perspective of a different race. Social stereotypes will help propel the show towards the type of activities and situations that a diverse audience will find hilarious. Hunting, country line dancing, skydiving, skeet shooting, mosh pits, snowboarding, spray tanning, camping are among some of the activities that the shows diverse correspondents will be exposed to. Kickin It Caucasian is an offensive comedy that will have everybody in stitches and yearning for more. It will serve as a fresh and witty production that will enthrall every demographic.



- Jason Bevly



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